Why do we need each other?

Yes, that is the big question of the day.  Why in the world do we need friendships with other women anyway?  Good question.  I’ve spent hours mulling this question over and over in my head.  With some friendships becoming more shallow because girlfriends have relocated, and others ending because they just didn’t feel right anymore, I often have found myself wondering if and why I need girlfriends at all.  And for awhile I didn’t.

When I got married seven years ago, I had one thing I thought about all of the time.  You know, many of you have done it too.  You meet the man of your dreams and find that you don’t really need anyone else anymore.  You have HIM, and at that time you don’t feel a need for anyone else.  He is your everything.  And for awhile that works and feels fine.  But as years of marriage have gone by, I have begun to need more than just him again. I don’t know what changed, it just did.  At first I felt guilty about it, but eventually I came to realize that it’s just part of the life process.

Don’t get me wrong.  I still love my husband more than anyone else in the world.  But as many of you know, men are men, and there are some things that they will NEVER understand that my lady friends DO understand.  And I’ve come to realize that I still NEED the beautiful friendship of my girlfriends.  Not because my husband isn’t giving me enough friendship, but because my girlfriends and my husband meet my needs in very different ways.  Neither can take the place of the other.  And I’m learning to be ok with that.

Girlfriends need girlfriends to share with during the good and the bad times in life.  Our girlfriends can be there to empathize with us like no one else can.  They know what we are going through more than anyone else does.  And they know when to laugh with us when we are happy as well.

I need my friends.  And I know you do too.  Even if you don’t realize it right now.  I hope you will share in this friendship discovery blog with me as we plunge into the deeper meaning of true friendship.

Would you like to come along?


Brand new Blog

Hi and welcome to Girlfriend Fix.

Girlfriend Fix is a new service to help connect local ladies.  We will be starting the group by meeting at local cafe’s and sharing together.  I am SO excited to see what will happen because of this service. I can’t wait to help ladies to connect and make brand new friends.

I will also be posting about friendship topics on this blog.  We as ladies feel a deep need to connect with each other.  Sometimes we get disappointed when it doesn’t work out or someone that we thought was a good friend ditches us.  Sometimes we feel misunderstood and used or that we put all of the effort into our friendships without getting anything back.

I am looking forward to posting about some of these friendship topics in the near future.  Welcome to Girlfriend Fix!!